MyHood project meeting Thessaloniki 25-26.05.2023
October 12, 2023
MyHood at Participatory Design: Understanding and Changing the City
October 27, 2023

Do černého, SDRUK conference




Participation of Children and Youth

Participation is one of the basic rights of a civil democratic society. It can be described as a process of shared decision-making in matters that affect the life of an individual and the entire society. One of these shared issues is the process of urban planning of our towns and cities. 

Properly conducted participation involves all members of society, including those with special needs or disabilities, in the decision-making process. Children and youth are also a vulnerable population group that requires a specific approach and deserves to be part of the urban planning processes. 

A sustainable, fair city should offer its residents high-quality and functional public space and infrastructure, while remembering all types of users. That is, also for children, who make up a numerically significant group of residents of our cities. The opinions, initiatives, wishes and needs of children and youth, which are formed within the framework of participatory process, are an important guide and starting point for the correct planning of investments for the healthy and all-friendly city. 

Text from Mirjana Petrik

MyHood presentation video (ENG sub): 29:34 – 30:40

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