MyHood at Participatory Design: Understanding and Changing the City
October 27, 2023
MyHood Workshop in Thessaloniki
April 15, 2024

MyHood Workshop

Written by EPMA

Partner: EPMA

Date: 18/03/2024

Place: Dětský domov se školou, středisko výchovné péče a základní škola, Jihlava

Workshop with children to validate R2 was organized by EPMA in the beautiful City of Jihlava. It took place in Children’s home with school, educational care center and elementary school (Dětský domov se školou, středisko výchovné péče a základní škola), which is our associated partner from the beginning of the project. It was attended by 6-8 children, their teacher Andrea and two experts from EPMA. The project’s workshop introduced educational material for children in a short presentation presenting various solutions for the city and better environment. Children saw how rainwater from roofs can be stored, how basins with rainwater can change back to the playground, how roofs could be more sustainable and fun! After the introduction part, we took an interactive tour together to the place which is most often visited by the children in the neighbourhood and spoke about how all those solutions could be used in the cityscape and public spaces.