MyHood Workshop in Jihlava
April 12, 2024
MyHood Workshop in Sremski Karlovci
April 22, 2024

MyHood Workshop

Written by Design Clips

Partner: Design Clips

Date: 02-17/03/2024

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

Our team, based in Thessaloniki of Greece, initiated the validation process in March of 2024, which goal was to gain valuable feedback from educators, and young people, as well. 

The first phase of the validation engaged educators to review both the methodology structure and the MyHood Educational Material, as well. The second phase invited students to validate the MyHood Educational Material , by participating in a fun and entertaining activity, which was created and initiated by our team.

Prior to the validation phase, we invited the educators-reviewers in an online webinar, aiming to introduce them to the MyHood vision and content. During the webinar our team provided step-by-step guidance through the MyHood Educational Material and the MyHood Board Game. By the end of the online session, after discussing in detail the project’s fundamental core, strengths, and demands the reviewers were successfully introduced to the MyHood vision, answering all the relevant questions, leaving no gaps. Lastly, the reviewers were also introduced to the MyHood Educational Material– tailored to young people’s needs.

The MyHood Educational Material inspires the reader to explore climate change concepts, its effects and impacts, and the way they are directly affecting our cities. Through a great number of images (diagrams, graphics, etc.) and especially selected reference photos the reader gains a wide perspective about climate change and its challenges that we are called to face. Thus, the backbone of material is that it fosters the Blue-Green-Gray (BGG) infrastructure, its principles, and its solutions as a promising way our cities can benefit from, by addressing and mitigating climate change impacts. In addition to BGG infrastructure, through the MyHood Educational Material, the reader explores a wide range of solutions, which promote a sustainable way of living.

For the second phase of the validation, we invited students to validate the MyHood Educational Material by participating in the MyHood Board Game. The board game, which approach is to make young people have fun while learning more information about climate, invites them to team up and work together, so as to overcome several climate challenges that affect their neighborhood. In order to achieve that, the students are supplied with the MyHood Educational Material to dive into its content. The last step of the board game is for students to develop an Action Plan for creating a sustainable neighborhood. The activity’s primary objective is to raise awareness, and willingness, but also to empower young people to actively participate in co-designing and co-shaping their neighborhood and equip them with knowledge about climate adaptation.

“Continue to create projects for us and make us to increase our interest about sustainability.”

young workshop participant.