MyHood Workshop in Thessaloniki
April 15, 2024
MyHood Workshop in Město přátelské k dětem
May 9, 2024

MyHood Workshop in Sremski Karlovci

Written by Νova Iskra

Partner: Nova Iskra

Date: 22/04/2024

Place: Radlovacki Eco Center, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

Our team, based in Zrenjanin, Serbia, began the validation process in April 2024, aiming to gather valuable feedback from youth workers, educators, and young people. In the validation through a focus group, in Sremski Karlovci at the Radlovacki Eco Center, youth workers and educators from six cities in Serbia participated, carefully reviewing the methodology structure and the MyHood Educational Material. Satisfaction with the content was expressed as this type of resource is lacking in their work.

They particularly highlighted the potential application of the material in teaching, especially in elective subjects in high school and during civic education classes.

 “We adopt key sustainable development concepts through very educational material, and the interactive workshop is an excellent method,” stated one of the educators.”

Youth workers also expressed their enthusiasm for the educational material and the board game as a proper way to engage young people in sustainability topics through a fun and interactive approach. They emphasized that the MyHood Educational Material is very useful for their work, especially due to its interesting approach based on the Blue-Green-Gray (BGG) strategy and ways to contribute to reducing the effects of climate change. Through this approach, young people become familiar with the concept of integrating natural green elements (such as parks, gardens, green roofs) with blue elements (such as rivers, lakes, canals) and gray infrastructure elements (such as roads, buildings, parking lots). This combination allows better management of rainwater, reduces the risk of floods, improves air quality, and creates healthier and more sustainable urban environments. Education on participation and opportunities for addressing climate challenges is also important.

“It teaches young people to think more broadly and how they can initiate changes themselves” emphasized one of the youth workers.”

Additionally, the MyHood Educational Material provides a deeper understanding of the consequences of climate change and possibilities for interventions.

Young people were very pleased to be included in the validation process and to have the opportunity to learn a lot about ways they can contribute to topics of sustainable development of cities in an interesting way through the game. They particularly highlighted the importance of being able to express their opinions and needs.

 “It’s interesting to solve tasks, draw solutions we’ve come up with, and green walls and rain playgrounds for children are particularly intriguing,” commented the young workshop participants.”

 “I can’t wait to use the digital platform and submit proposals on how I think my city should look,” added one of them.”

The general impression is that young people actively participated in the focus group, asking questions and expressing their ideas with enthusiasm. Their energy and engagement contributed to a dynamic atmosphere and enabled deeper consideration of urban sustainability topics. It was inspiring to see how motivated young people were to contribute to the discussion and how they felt important in the decision-making process concerning their community.