The aim of the MyHood project is to engage youth in actively creating a Sustainable and Greener City

The project aims at creating a methodology to engage young people in co-creating a
sustainable and greener city through developing appropriate educational material on
climate change and will develop an interactive online tool that will enable young
users to actively participate and contribute to the design of public spaces.

There is a need for:

  • Tools for young people (13-18 years of age) to participate in urban planning and at the same time to be educated about climate change.
  • Feedback coming from young citizens to urban planners during the process of planning.
  • Interactive digital tools for youth and educators focused on the environmental education of youth in combination with active involvement in urban planning.

The target groups of the project are:

  • educators (school teachers, youth workers).
  • municipalities (urban planners).
  • young people (13-18 years of age).