MyHood Workshop in Sremski Karlovci
April 22, 2024

MyHood Workshop in Město přátelské k dětem

Written by MPD

Partner: MPD

Date: 02/05/2024

Place: Město přátelské k dětem, z.s., Prague

Validation process of MyHood project outputs was done in two phases. In 2023 we validated the MyHood Methodology in cooperation with the teachers, to which the Methodology was presented and they were also asked to go through the whole document thoroughly in order to gain feedback which was recorded into the R1 Survey form. Useful data gained from the feedback were incorporated back into the document.

Second phase of validation focused on the piloting of R2 educational materials and was realised in April 2024 in the headquarters of our organisation in Prague.  A group of six children participated, with ages varying from 12 to 16 years of age, and one teacher. The workshop was structured into three parts and was led by one expert from MPD. We firstly presented MyHood educational topics to children, our lector led children through the R2 educational handout engaging them into the discussion through focusing on their own neighbourhoods. After that the whole group went out for a short mapping of the close urban environment using the prepared working sheets and maps. Participants were brainstorming on the current state of the urban environment and proposed suitable blue-green-grey solutions which they learned from the educational handout as possible improvements. The last part was devoted to the activity of MyHood Board Game which showed the participants the practical side of the MyHood educational materials.

All participants were very enthusiastic about the project outputs and supportive of the realisation of the final output the MyHood App. Validation reports were submitted.