MyHood project meeting Belgrade 05-06.06.2024
June 14, 2024

Project Result 01 - Methodology

MyHood Methodology: Sustainable urban living with the support of young people

The MyHood project aims to promote sustainable urban environments through the active involvement of young people aged 13-18. Funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, the project is an international collaboration of experts in environmental education, youth participation, digital education and sustainable urban planning.

The main objective of the MyHood project is to raise young people’s awareness of climate change and encourage their active participation in the development of greener and more sustainable cities. The project aims to empower young people to explore, research and actively participate in their neighbourhood through a digital tool – a mobile app. In this way, young people learn in their own way about the impacts of climate change and possible mitigation and adaptation measures.

Benefits of the project

  • Education and awareness-raising: young people will gain knowledge about the impact of climate change on the urban environment and blue-green-grey infrastructure approaches.
  • Innovation: The project encourages creative and innovative thinking to address climate change issues.
  • Community: the app enables the creation of communities that share ideas and work together to improve their environment.
  • Participation: users of the app can actively contribute to decision-making and planning processes in their city.

Target groups

The primary target group is young people aged 13-18. It is young people who will be the most affected by the effects of climate change. At the same time, they are practically excluded from decision-making processes, despite the fact that, they represent a group with original and innovative ideas, from the point of view of psychology.

Secondary target groups are teachers, non-formal educational organizations, representatives of local government and experts in the field of urban planning. These actors can use the MyHood app as a tool for youth education and participation in their communities.

Structure of the methodology

The methodology of the MyHood project is described in detail in the document with the same name and covers the following key areas:

  1. Project background: the basic ideas and key concepts supported by the project.
  2. Target groups: a detailed description of the primary and secondary target groups of application users.
  3. Application features: an overview of the specific features and technical functionalities of the MyHood application.
  4. Content: information about the educational content and a didactic approach of the project.
  5. Participation: possibilities of further use of the application for active involvement of youth in urban planning.

The MyHood project promotes sustainable urban development and equips young people with the tools and knowledge they need to become active and engaged citizens in their communities. Furthermore, in addition to promoting environmental education, the initiative also aims to encourage civic engagement. 

For more information on MyHood and its methodology, please visit the official website:

Join us and help create a more sustainable urban future for us all!